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OTA's Day 4: Will the Real Nick Folk Please Stand Up?

Oh, he stood up alright.

There was plenty of good news surrounding the fourth day of OTA's: Talks of Sanchez being sharp, looking comfortable and threading balls through tight seams. And Braylon Edwards catching nearly everything that came his way, including of a couple of "ducks" from Erik Ainge. Cromartie also, who was reportedly blanketing Cotchery and even returned a few kicks.

And then there was Nick Folk.

His first four kicks as a Jet --- MISS, MISS, MISS, MISS.
Finally, towards the tail-end of today's OTA's, he made one. Unfortunately, a 20% clip won't cut it in the NFL.

Will he still continue to blame his inconsistencies on his ailing hip? I sure hope not, and apparently, neither does Rex, who told Newsday's Bob Glauber what his feelings were on the issue:

"Nick has to make a couple, or else we'll find another kicker."

We let Jay Feely go for this?