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Sanchez Takes Some Reps

QB Mark Sanchez participated in drills yesterday for the first time since coming off the surgery on his left knee.

In preparation for his sophomore season, he participated in some 7-on-7 drills during Day 1 of the team's OTA's yesterday (according to the NY Post). It should be noted, though, that he did not take part in the full team drills.

As GGN previously reported, Sanchez jogged on grass for the first time last week. He is still recovering from surgery to stabilize the patella ligament in his left knee which took place in February.

Teammate Antonio Cromartie weighed in on how he thought Sanchez performed:

"Mark looked good throwing the ball today,"

I like how the Jets are being patient and methodical with Sanchez's recovery. While it's not a major injury, it's still one that should be treated with extreme care and it is good that the Jets are not rushing into things.