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Revis's Agent Shoots Down $20 Mill Per Rumor

The most popular story of the last few days has been shot down by the man in the know. Darrelle Revis's agent Neil Schwartz has rubbished reports by Mike Lombardi of the National Football Post that claimed that he was looking for $20 million per year for his client:

"We have never spoken to Mike Lombardi -- ever, not even when he worked for the Raiders," Feinsod told The Post. "Where he's getting his information I don't know, but it's not coming from our side."

Nobody is doubting that Revis deserves to get paid, and he will get paid. However this was just a ridiculous number which got some people talking negatively about Revis. Jumping the gun if you will.

As the New York Post does, you have to wonder where this information is coming from. If it's not coming from the office of Neil Schwartz, and it's certainly not going to be coming from the Jets, where is it coming from? A dream that came to Mike Lombardi one cold lonely night? perhaps. However it seems, at least for now that the number that many people thought must be wrong.