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Peter King: Power Ranking

Like every Monday, Peter King has put out his "Monday morning QB" column; this week he has decided to rank the teams from 1-32 as he sees it. Now before reading, by his own admittance, he has been way off in the past, referencing his choice of Chicago as Superbowl winners at this point last year. So the message is, take it with a pinch of salt:

Here is how he ranks the AFC East Teams:

6. Miami. I probably like the young quarterback more than most do; I think Chad Henne is set for a breakout year, and I think the receiver group (Brandon Marshall, Brian Hartline, Davone Bess) will be good enough to give Miami enough at that position for the first time in years. Even though the Dolphins didn't get a fourth receiver like the one they wanted (Demaryius Thomas) on draft day, they'll be good enough there to contend. The most important rookie in the league to a playoff contender, other than Ryan Mathews of the Chargers, could well be Koa Misi, the second-rounder projected to rush the passer for Miami. But as Bill Parcells has said since he came out of the womb, "They don't sell insurance for that kind of thing.'' They don't, and Misi needs to have immediate impact to bolster the one area of the Dolphins that they need the most help -- pass-rush.

7. New York Jets. Tough team to forecast, through all the glitz. The one thing I like a lot about the Jets is their ability to make tough decisions, even when the decisions seem ruthless. GM Mike Tannenbaum said goodbye two locker room pillars, running back Thomas Jones and guard Alan Faneca, when he knew there'd be player rumblings about it. Tannenbaum has put his trust in offensive line and running-game guru Bill Callahan to keep the best running game in football rolling. There's a lot about this team that's a tinderbox. Will Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards coexist peacefully? Can LaDanian Tomlinson be happy being a middle-relief pitcher? Will Antonio Cromartie tackle, even a little? Make no mistake about it: There's more pressure on Rex Ryan than on any other coach in football this year.

New England (14th) and Buffalo (31st) are after the jump. I don't think this is going to go down too well here at GGN. Not sure how he has the Dolphins ranked above the Jets. Personally don't understand it, and it seems he is putting a lot of emphasis on Henne having a big year. I think a lot will depend on how their secondary perform this year. I don't understand him ranking them based on a young QB, a receiving core and a question mark at the pass rushing position. As well as failing to mention the secondary. Where as the Jets have a solid QB similar to the Dolphins who has as much upside if not more than Henne, a better receiving core (IMO), a better offensive line, a much better secondary and a few proven pass rushers as well. Then again he needs to post something that gets people talking.

If his predictions are as far off this year as last, then perhaps it's a good thing that we are not ranked as highly as Miami.

14. New England. I still don't know who will rush the passer, who the shutdown corner is, who the Mike Vrabel/Rodney Harrison defensive leader is, and if there's enough depth at wide receiver to survive until Wes Welker returns.
31. Buffalo. Drafting C.J. Spiller is the one thing a terrible offense did this offseason to get better. Unfortunately, he can't throw the football.