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Darrelle Revis Wants a Contract Extension

The "Real" 2009 DPOY wants a long-term contract extension.

#24, Darrelle Revis, the Jets shutdown CB and arguably the most-talented CB in the NFL with a very bright future in store, is looking for some security.

The All-Pro corner is entering the fourth year of his six-year deal in which he has already been paid $14 million. This upcoming season, though, he is set to make only $1 million.

Unfortunately, Revis has said he will hold out on his contract if the Jets do not provide a new deal for him. This, according to ESPN.Com:

"I don't know," he [Revis] said. "I guess we'll figure it out when July 31 comes. As of right now, we have a bunch of months to get things done. We'll see. I trust those guys. But I also know this is a business as well. [But] we believe them at their word. If you go back on your word, in general, in world society, when you go back on your word, it's a problem. It's just a problem."

The Jets have the option of buying back the final two years of Revis’ contract for $10 million.