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Shaun Ellis Doesn't Get a New Deal

Shaun Ellis wants a new contract, but the Jets aren't about to extend his current deal.

The 32-year-old defensive end, the team's longest-tenured player, is uncertain about his future with the Jets after asking for and being denied a contract extension. He told The Associated Press on Thursday that he's unsure if he'll even be with the team when the season begins in four months.

"I don't know," Ellis said. "I think so. Well, I hope so. You never know what they're thinking up there. You've just got to roll with it. We try to control our own fate, but we really can't."

Ellis is entering the final year of his contract, and said the team cited its policy of having its older veterans play out their deals.

"Considering everything, I want to be here and I hope things get worked out," he said, "but it seems like they won't, to be truthful."

I'm not sure how popular this will be considering Ellis' status as longest tenured Jet, his high level of play, and his status as a locker room leader. I think it is the right one, though. Players are year to year in the NFL once they hit their 30's. It's important to pay guys for what they will do in the future, not what they have done in the past. Let Ellis play the season out, and see what his level of play is. Give him a little extra motivation by having him play for a new contract.