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Jets Flight Connections 05-10-10

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WR Braylon Edwards sends Clevelanders to college.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson answers questions about TCU, San Diego and Gang Green.

Sports Illustrated says RB Joe McKnight is "strictly waiver wire material" for fantasy teams.

Sports Illustrated wonders why we messed with our backs and O-line. says it was one of the worst off-season moves.

Going on "Hard Knocks", however, was a good move.

Yahoo! Sports reports on Gang Green. scouts the top ten Jets prospects.

The team can only spend under $3 million towards rookie salaries.

Check out which Jets - old and new - made USA Today's all stars.


More connections after the jump.


TE Mike Owen wasn't nervous at rookie mini-camp.

The Washington Post writes about the Jets' off-season moves. talks about Jets contract numbers.

Jets Kvetch unleashes the Linkenstein monster, sharing this link about a Jets fan's story.

Another Jets fan writes about meeting players at the Taste of the NFL event.

Here is a myspace page with some Jets art.  Remember myspace?

Here is an article from last month about the New York football teams' partnership.

Arrowhead Pride compares Kansas City's defense to D-Rex.

Baltimore DT Haloti Ngata may still be recovering when we play the Ravens.

Kicking historian Rick Gonsalves is honored by Cambridge Who's Who.  I'm not sure if he was ever an actual Jets employee, but the article writes that he has helped the special teams inthe '70s.

The Boston Herald keeps the Jets chemistry talk alive.

New England QB Tom Brady pays attention to the Jets.

Miami QB Chad Pennington feels right about remaining a Dolphin.

The Palm Beach Post writes about the undistinguished South Florida coaches.

Relive some good moments from last season.  Here is the drive that led to Braylon's TD:


CB Darrelle Revis gets a pick, and later TE Dustin Keller scores in Cincinnati: