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Cory Reamer Making A Name For Himself


Manish just tweeted:

Not official yet, but looks like 1st tryout player 2get invite 2 #Jets training cmp will b Ala. LB Cory Reamer, D-coord Pettine told me #nfl
Pettine on Cory Reamer:"We find tryout guy that makes us say,‘This guy intrigues us.Let’s bring him 2training cmp’ He’s No.1 on that list”

Eric Allen of New York had a good piece today about UDFA linebacker Cory Reamer, and how he has impressed over the last two days.

"It’s very complimentary," said Reamer when informed of Ryan’s Friday praise and just minutes before the Jets’ second-year head coach would gush about him again. "That’s what you’re here to do is catch the coaches' eye. The one advantage I knew when I was coming up here was we ran a similar defense at Alabama, just new terminology here. I knew I would be able to pick up on it fast."

An overachieving intangible type, Reamer became a staple on Nick Saban’s defense. He doesn’t have jaw-dropping athletic skills or numbers — he’s just a football player.

"When you’re not the most athletic, you have to know where you’re supposed to be and know what to do. That’s the only way I know," said the 6’3", 231-pound ‘backer. "When Coach Saban first got to Alabama, he told reporters that I wasn’t a guy that he would have recruited and he didn’t think I would ever play in his system. I knew right then that the only way I’m going to be out there is if I don’t make any mistakes and that’s the only way I know how to make this team as well."

Reamer was obviously a little over shadowed in the Alabama defense last year that was loaded top to bottom with talent. However we have heard a lot about him from our Crimson Tide Blog here at SB Nation, and Rex Ryan has been gushing about him at every opportunity. Reamer is a self aware man, he knows he needs to add weight to stay at the linebacker position, and he knows his way onto the team is through the special teams door. So impressive showings in kick drills this weekend are sure to help him with his long term goal of getting on the NFL football field:

"Even as a starter, I played all special teams," Reamer said. "If I’m going to make this team, that’s something I have to work at and make sure I can show them I can play special teams at this level. That’s my key right now — to make sure I can contribute on all of those."

By the end of the weekend, Reamer hopes he’ll get a contract offer. Facing the longest of odds, he’s already made a name for himself and that’s an impressive first step.

"Hopefully I’ll have a chance to come back. That’s the ultimate goal. That’s what I came up here for. We’ll see," he said. "It’s exciting. Now just go finish up what you came up here for. Hopefully I walk away with an opportunity to come back for OTAs and for camp."

I would be very surprised if the weekend finished and Reamer did not have a contract, he is listed as a OLB in Eric's article, but that was playing the SAM and WILL positions in the Alabama D which ran predominantly from a 4-3 stand. I think he could do a nice job inside. He needs to bulk up but Scott is only 240lb's. Reamer has good tackling ability, good recognition of the D, and an ability to drop back into coverage. Initially offering special teams coverage, but also being a capable back-up to David Harris and Bart Scott in the middle.

If your a UDFA that has a great understanding of the game and a good work ethic, I'm not sure you would want to land with any other coach but Rex Ryan.

Reamer is #13 in this video, and his notable plays are at 1:33 and 2:37

Reamer is featured in this video as well on the very first play. 3:13 in, 3:51 in. An interception at 4:03. A play in coverage at 4:48

The Alabama Defense in 2009 Part Two (via bamafoundation) *