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Rookie Camp: Day 2

Notes from Rex Ryan's press conference, again rough version of what he said, not directly quoted:

  • Talked to Santonio, facts were revealed as John pointed out earlier. Asked to turn off Ipod, did so, just kept the ear phones in, he forgot to take them out, very simple, nothing story. Santonio did nothing wrong. Media falsely reported that he was taken off the plane.
  • Guys are getting better out there.
  • Corey Reamer is the guy that is really standing out, could replace Pettine he is that smart.
  • Joe McKnight fighting through the struggles. Making a lot of mistakes but still looks good when he gets the ball in his hands. Doesn't know exactly what it is, sometimes it takes a guy longer to play as a Jet.
  • Not upset that he didn't show up in as good a shape. Same as Shonn last year, pulled up in first special teams practice, and he ended up pretty well. Don't need to overreact to it. May have a bug, might not be his physical condition. Trying to fight through it.
  • Jim Leonard came to Ravens as a UDFA on a weekly try out, and he ended up as a must have. That worked out well for him. Knows the sacrifices that some of these guys have to make as UDFA. Guys are not going to fail like Corey Reamer wants to stay, that's obvious. He is here to stay and compete. Just wants to make the team.
  • Basped looks good, he's a little raw in technique. Different style of play, he is all over the place. Lot of ability, looks the part, just needs to calm down a little. Long play with talent, Jets will polish up the technique, excited to see how he develops.
  • Looked at size, physical skills, long arms, body control when looking at Vlad in response to how they judged Vlad coming from a smaller school. He can match up physically with anyone. Has great feet, but everything is new to him moving inside. Loaded in talent. Think he has a chance to be a real good player
  • Bill Callahan is the best he has ever seen. Has more trust in Bill Callahan as a coach and assistant head coach, leaning more on him than anybody. Him and Bob Sutton.
  • Kyle Wilson expectations are high. Coming in as a starting nickel, and he thinks he is going to be great. He's a tremendous player with excellent man to man coverage skills. Kyle Wilson is the real deal, he could be really special. Great top 4 CB's on the roster.
  • Mike T and the Jets were in a position where we could take best players in the draft, and we did that.
  • John Connors is a bulldozer but he can really catch the football as well. Great depth in the backfield with all these players. All the rookies are going to play a ton. Great draft that added to what we already had on the roster. We got better on draft day.
  • John is a FB, he looks it, no neck, compare him to Jim Nance. Without the ball carrying skills, but as the blocker and receiver and all that, same build.
  • Not going to rush Mark Sanchez all the way back, he is itching to go now, throwing the ball soon, doing everything we ask him to do. He will be just fine, Mark will be disappointed if he can't make the OTA's.
  • Not having Mark though, will give us a chance to rank the other QB's on the roster. Still interest in Brunell, but obviously can't do anything right now.