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Discussion on Donovan Warren

Manish Mehta has some quotes on Donovan Warren from the man himself and Rex Ryan.

"Being undrafted, I feel like I have a chip on my shoulder," Warren said during the Jets’ rookie minicamp in Florham Park. "Every day I’m going out there, I got something to prove. That’s something I’m looking forward to each and every day. That’s just motivation for me to just keep on pushing and keep on going forward."
"He’s a smart kid," Jets coach Rex Ryan said. "We’re playing him in both spots — corner and safety — but I think his best shot will be as a safety. He was probably the highest-rated player (on our board) that was still left."

This is the kind of move that should make those of you upset about trading away late round picks happy. Landing a guy like Warren with a great shot at making the team is like having an extra pick.

My feeling is when Rex says his best shot is at safety, he means best shot at getting on the field right now because of the great depth at corner. I think Warren would be a perfect fit for this style of defense at corner once he refines his game. He's a physical guy who loves to rough up receivers at the line in man coverage.