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Police Tell the Real Story on Santonio Holmes

The media incorrectly sensationalized the story of Santonio Holmes on the airplane. You may want to sit down from the shock.

"As previously reported, [Santonio] Holmes was NOT removed from any airplane (4/29/2010)," a media release from the police department read. "He was asked to remove his Ipod (at one point), in which he complied. There's no further information to report."

Holmes is a guy who has done some foolish things in the past so a number of people in the media are going to jump all over him whenever there is even a sniff of trouble to get a story.

If you want to know why more and more people are turning to blogs like the ones found on SB Nation and many traditional media forms are dying, look no further than the treatment of Holmes here. Facts be darned. We're going to generate headlines.