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Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #28

The Jets are one pick away in our mock. Before that, the Chargers are up. The Jets knocked San Diego out of the Playoffs and ended up trading for two of their starters, one of whom is arguably the greatest player in Chargers history. GGN member random122 will make the pick.

With the twenty-eighth pick in the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, random122 picks for the San Diego Chargers...

Ryan Mathews

He's the popular choice among most mocks for the Chargers, so this isn't much of a surprise here. With basically just Darren Sproles left in the backfield, the Chargers are in need of a back that can come in and play right off the bat. Mathews best fits this role. NT was an option here as well, but Mathews is the safer pick between the two.

My reaction:

San Diego's run offense was not very good last year, and a heaping portion of the blame has to go to the running backs. Sproles is back, but Mathews profiles as an excellent number one runner. As random said, an awful lot of mocks see this as a fit. I'm not so sure this is a match made in heaven. Offense was never a problem for the Chargers last year. They are also a pass heavy team, and Matthews is undistinguished as a receiver. Jerry Hughes would look good here to bolster the pass rush since Shanwe Merriman wasn't the same player in 2009. You may point out they took Larry English in the first round last year. How about Jared Odrick? There may be no value at nose tackle, but Odrick at end could do a lot to help what was a bad run defense in 2009.

As with a lot of these picks, I really can't say too much bad because I really like the player selected.