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Taylor Will Not Sign Today

According to several beat writers, Jason Taylor will not sign with the Jets today:

Jason Taylor's agent told me Taylor won't sign immediately with the #Jets, but will go back to Miami "to think it over" instead.
The agent said Taylor is on a two-day visit with the #Jets, returning to Miami late Thursday afternoon. He (agent) said Taylor is "very flattered" by the #Jets' interest and feels he can win a Super Bowl with Rex Ryan & Co. The agent also angrily denied that Taylor is visiting the #Jets simply to revive dormant contract talks with the #Dolphins.

Let's call a spade a spade shall we, despite what his agent said (hardly the gospels), it's pretty obvious that Taylor wants a little bit of leverage to deal with the Dolphins. He probably wants to stay there, he's spent his best years there, and by all accounts, loves Miami. However he probably is not going to sign for pennies there, and if he is being low-balled, I wouldn't be surprised to see him sign with the Jets.

I happen to think it would be an excellent signing, New Yorkers have thick skin, and in the end, if he comes and wins here, nobody will care what he said while he was with a rival, because let's face it "you play to win the game". I fully expect us to hear of Miami being in touch with Taylor, and if they offer him a decent deal, he will sign on the dotted line. We will get over it, if he joins, support the jersey not the player.