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Mark Brunell Visits

The Jets are having Saints backup quarterback Mark Brunell in for a visit today.

Brunell is about as veteran as you can get, as he turns 40 in September. The former Jaguars starter has bounced around the last few years, having spent the last two with the Saints. Prior to that, he started 33 games in a three-year span for the Redskins.

I'm not sure I understand this one. Do the Jets want to upgrade the backup quarterback position. Absolutely. Would it be nice to bring in a veteran to help mentor Mark Sanchez? Sure.

I still don't see where Brunell fits. Having a veteran mentor is secondary to having a guy capable of filling in and playing well in case something happens to Sanchez. Brunell was finished as a productive player five years ago.  He probably couldn't offer anything positive on even a limited basis. The Jets already have a pair of backup quarterbacks under contract. There is still a tender hanging out there for Kellen Clemens. I don't really get the pursuit of a guy who frankly isn't an upgrade on the field over any of them.

At one point Brunell was a very good quarterback, but age has caught up with him in a big way. His arm strength is so limited now that he struggles to make a lot of basic throws.