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Could You Find It in Your Heart to Forgive Jason Taylor?

I'm not at all convinced today's visit by Jason Taylor is anything more than both sides performing due diligence. Both parties have an interest in trying to drive up his price for Miami.

What if it's not, though? What if the Jets are serious. On paper Taylor would be a great addition. He is coming off a productive season and was decent as a pass rusher, against the run, and in coverage. He could help add depth at outside linebacker and compliment Calvin Pace as a rusher.

On paper is the key phrase with Taylor, though. We all remember all of the idiotic comments he has made about the Jets and their fans through the years. It would be a tough sell to the fan base.

You could imagine he would backpedal if he signed in New York. Would you be willing to give him a fresh start and let bygones be bygones if he was willing to apologize for acting like such a jerk over the past decade plus?