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Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #26

The Arizona Cardinals are up in our mock. GGN member jets47 will select for them.

With the twenty-sixth pick in the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, jets47 picks for the Arizona Cardinals...

Terrence Cody

How does a 3-4 defensive system get bigger? Get a big strong nose who can eat up 2 blockers. While there are other areas that have to be addressed on the defense, none are worthy of a selection here. Jerry Hughes at this point in his career is raw when not rushing the QB. ILB was also considered, but no one is worthy of a pick here

My reaction:

I love Colt McCoy in this spot for the Cardinals. Arizona cannot feel good going into this season with Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson at quarterback. That's a choice between bad and worse. Did you ever just have a feeling about a guy? That's how I feel about McCoy. He's deadly accurate, very smart, and has every intangible you would want. His arm strength may not be the best, but it's adequate. I think he's going to be a steal.

Nose tackle in the 3-4 is also important. I think concerns about Cody are a tad overblown. Sure, his weight is an issue, but can't NFL training and nutrition staffs fix that? His biggest weakness is rushing the passer. That's a luxury in a 3-4 nose tackle, not a necessity. What he does well, take up space, occupy blockers, and control the point of attack, are essential. He should be an effective tackle for a long time. It's so important to have a good player at the position in that scheme. The Cardinals didn't until now. If the pick isn't McCoy, this is a good way to go.

Did the Cardinals make the right choice climbing Mount Cody? It's time to sound off.