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Kevin O'Dea Leaves Jets, Heads To UFL

According to Newsday, special teams coach Kevin O'Dea has left the Jets to join the UFL's Hartford Colonials who went 0-6 in the inaugural UFL season:

I'm not sure where being a special teams coordinator on a winless UFL team ranks on the coaching ladder, but it can't be too far away from where Kevin O'Dea spent the last few years with the Jets. He was brought in in 2008 to take over as coordinator in place of Mike Westhoff while he dealt with health issues, but when Westhoff returned O'Dea was marginalized and was a coach (but not a coordinator)

O'Dea was named the Jets special teams coordinator for the 2008-2009 season after Mike Westhoff recovered from surgery on his leg due to bone cancer. Once Westhoff was brought back into the fold in 2009, O'Dea was kept on as a special teams coach. It's not surprising that O'Dea is moving on, but I am a little surprised that he is heading to one of the worst teams in a start-up league.

Wish him nothing but the best for the future.