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Neil Rackers to Visit

Neil Rackers is visiting the Jets, and Mark Cannizzaro thinks he'll be kicking in green and white in the fall.

Rackers is due to visit the Jets tomorrow and, based on a few factors, it would be an upset if he doesn't sign with the Jets by tomorrow or Wednesday.

First, when Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum targets a player, he usually consummates the deal.

Second, because of the "final four" free agency rule with no current collective bargaining agreement in place, Rackers knows exactly what the Jets can offer him


Third, the free agent market, particularly for kickers (outside of the huge contract the Raiders gave Sebastian Janikowski) hasn't exactly been fertile. So, with the draft fast approaching, it's likely Rackers would like to secure himself with a team.

I can't say this would excite me. Rackers is pretty inconsistent year to year, and I've seen him miss some huge kicks. I don't love Jay Feely as much as a lot of people here, but I'd probably take Jay over Rackers if I had the choice.