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Santonio Holmes Cited for Behavior on Airplane

Santonio Holmes was part of an incident on a flight yesterday.

Santonio Holmes is in hot water less than a month after the Jets acquired the mercurial wide receiver from the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team confirmed that an incident report was filed by the Alleghany (Pa.) County Police Department stemming from Holmes’ failure to turn off his iPod during the landing of a flight from Newark to Pittsburgh Thursday night.

According to the team, Holmes walked off the plane before police officers at Pittsburgh International Airport reminded him about complying with the FAA regulations. No charges were filed.



"I don’t know all the facts," Rex Ryan said after the first practice of the Jets’ rookie mini-camp today. "I know what’s been told to me. It kind of got blown out of proportion, it’s almost like in some of the media outlets."

 Yup, a guy not turning off an IPod on an airplane is now national news.