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Day One: Rookie Camp

Taking all this from the Rex Ryan news conference that happened a few minutes ago, rough notes so keep that in find:

  • Joe McKnight looked good running the football. Had some issues catching and threw up on the field at one point. Rex Ryan put it down to a little anxiety etc
  • Kyle Wilson looked real good out there. Ryan was also impressed with try-outs, Jeff Cumberland (TE/WR), Cory Reamer (LB) who he said was a real bright guy...
  • A few problems today with the C/QB exchange because the center that was supposed to be in camp had a bad back and couldn't go. Players obviously not knowing the offensive/defensive plans
  • Best drills were Westhoff drills on kicks, Rex was very impressed with Nevada OLB Kevin Basped. Looks like he has really got a shot. So did John Connor and Kyle Wilson.
  • Brian Jackson looked good but hurt his hamstring.
  • Santonio Holmes incident was blown out of proportion a little bit, but he should of turned off his Ipod when asked. He has been excellent so far though with voluntarily drills. Also been working hard in the classroom with Mark Sanchez and Schotty.
  • Not sure how Donovan Warren didn't get drafted. Every year there are UDFA's who can play in the league a long time. More free agents than first round picks that have 10 year careers or more. Not about where you get drafted, but going in there and competing. Warren is smart, and will be playing at corner and safety, but his best shot will be at safety. Donovan Warren was on Jets front board for players to be drafted.
  • McKnight can do some of the things Leon did. Flex him out as a receiver, run him from the backfield, just get the ball in his hands. Got a lot of wiggle, a lot of moves and a lot of talent. Don't want to compare to Leon 100% right now, but he can really help us.
  • Rex didn't give McKnight #25, and he doubts anyone thought of that, just what the media makes it.
  • Jets had McKnight rated 'very highly' on draft day.
  • Every year is a different team. Chemistry is what it is. Offensive chemistry is just replacing two starters, last year we replaced 4 starters and 9 players overall, and the chemistry was fine. 20th in the league in offense in 2009 was not acceptable. Wants them to get better, wants the D to cause more turnovers. Team mates never happy to see team mates go, but Rex makes decisions where he needs to improve the football team. Not worried about team chemistry, his teams always play hard. Came here to win, never came here to be average.
  • Team is always going to be ground a pound, but not have the opportunity to do things in the passing game. Having all the guys out there going to be a problem for defenses. Looks at it from a defensive point of view when looking at who to bring in on the offensive side of the ball. Holmes has been dangerous, LT is special and will give us everything he has. JT gives the Jets the chance to close out games in the 4th quarter. 4th quarter sacks are huge and that's what JT brings.
  • Will always listen to anything regarding AD. Not sure right now, will definitely consider him. Had some big years with the Ravens. Use him all over the place as a DE/ILB/OLB he is a special player. Safe to say he wants the market to establish value.
  • With AD we will end up 1st in the league in defense, without him we will end up 1st in the league.
  • Vlad is a big guy. Looked real good in drills with Bill Callahan. Very big, very powerful, knocked someone off the ball 8 yards on a run play. Did commit a false start, but the rhythm wasn't too good. He has to calm down a little bit, he was excited. Not enough smiles of the rookies faces today, need to relax and have fun. Was practicing at LG. 
  • Commissioner is a good guy, but Rex hasn't hugged him yet (in response to a question about the commish getting hugs on draft days....not sure the point of that question)