New Jets WR Wesley Lyons


I don't have much experience with film and all, I'll leave that to Wyatt.

I saw on the jets site who earned an invite to training camp.

I haven't done a real fanpost in a while or a debate.

I feel the Jets have found their replacement for Wallace Wright.

Wallace Wright was a star special team players and was known for his block in the San Diego Chargers game that allowed Shonn Greene to break for a long touchdown. Here is the play :

Jets RB Shonn Greene Mocks LT (via mejjop)

I went to the Jets website and saw Wesley Lyons : 6'9" , 234. I am no WVU fan, but when someone sees a Tight End / Wide Receiver at 6'9"....there's something that makes you jump out. He ran a 4.60 40 yard dash.

I don't know much about him as a player, so I went onto YouTube, not many highlights, he didn't seem like a statistical guy, but he sure seems to be a guy who Rex Ryan will love.

He fights for the tough yards, this play reminds me of the Braylon Edwards play.

WVU 2009 spring game Wes Lyons tough TD catch (via MorgantownWV1)

Wes Lyons destroys ECU defender (via McDiggy)

This play reminds me of the advantage of having a receiver willing to block.

His height is amazing, and helps me think of LeBron James... (poor reference)

His stats don't jump out at all compared to David Clowney's collegiant stats.

Anyone else know much about him?

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