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Jets To Meet TCU Linebacker Daryl Washington


All the focus here at GGN over the past few months has been on Jerry Hughes, but we have paid little attention to his team mate, who put together a great career with the horned frogs. A player that is also coming off a 102 tackle season, with 2 sacks and 3 interceptions, a guy with sideline to sideline speed.

Washington earned every bit of playing time at TCU, after he worked his way up from the depths of the depth chart to a starter in 2009, and contributing on defence and special teams. His toughness and coverage ability have impressed many scouts.

Do the Jets have any need to draft an inside linebacker? not high, but depth is always a good thing.

The Jets are set to meet him at some point this month, Washington has already met with Washington, Miami and Atlanta.

Washington is also set to meet with the Cardinals, Saints and Titans at some point in April.