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Matt Stover: Pursue or No?

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Unless the Jets are totally comfortable giving their kicking job to a guy who missed 10 of 28 kicks last year and did not handle kickoffs, one can only imagine they are open to signing a kicker. An obvious choice would be Matt Stover. Stover knows Rex Ryan well. He was with the Ravens franchise going back to their Cleveland days until departing a year ago. Rex actually tried to bring Stover to New York a year ago, but the kicker declined out of loyalty to his friend Jay Feely.

Matt caught on with the Colts last season, replacing injured Adam Vinateri in the lineup. He made 9 of 11 field goals in the regular season and 6 of 7 in the Playoffs. With Vinateri returning and his contract up, the 42 year old will need a new home if he intends on continuing his career.

The Jets can sign him to a contract matching Feely's in Arizona. A one year deal could reach $1 million, which would be a raise over what he was making in Indianapolis. That's not a bad price for a kicker who has made 83.7% of field goals he has attempted in 19 years. He is one of the most consistent and accurate kickers in league history. Honestly I'd rather have him than Jay Feely. His track record is just so good.

I vote pursue. How do you vote?