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Who Was Vladimir Ducasse Selected to Replace?

I personally think it was no accident Alan Faneca was released less than twenty-four hours after the Jets took Vladimir Ducasse in the second round. It looks like Ducasse is the man the Jets want to take over at left tackle.

There is another possibility, though. Perhaps the Jets like what they have seen from Matt Slauson or another lineman. Ducasse is a bit raw. He does have the size and athleticism to eventually become an excellent tackle once he refines his technique and can adjust to the speed of the pro game.

This will probably be one of the stories of the offseason. Was Ducasse picked to replace Alan Faneca, or do the Jets want to develop him for a year and groom him to replace Damien Woody? Perhaps it is a combination of the two. Guard is easier to play than tackle. Perhaps the Jets want to break Ducasse into the pro game inside and move him outside to replace Woody once he has experience.

We will find out what the Jets are thinking in due time. How do you see their thought process?