What Should We Name Our Defense?

Hey guys, we've been having fun with nicknames lately with releasing the Kraken and everything.  We have Revis Island, and with the addition of CB Antonio Cromartie, some have suggested calling our defensive backfield the archipelago.  Obviously with Kyle Wilson we've got the "Cast Away" references now, too.  Coincidentally, WR Randy Moss has been taking up swimming this off-season, so he may be taking this thing too literally.

As there isn't much football news out there at this time of the year, let's do something fun and suggest some nicknames.  We'll vote on them by rec'ing the ones we like, and the one with the most recs will get a free OCNN T-Shirt.  OCNN is, of course, the Ocho Cinco News Network, and our own CB Darrelle Revis is a correspondent (because Revis covers everything, including the news).

I hope you guys participate, and hopefully we can come up with a clever and catchy nickname for Gang Green's defense.  It can either be about the DBs or the whole D altogether.

*UPDATE: mjbnyr has won the OCNN shirt with "The Bermuda Triangle", with the most recs by 3:00pm Wednesday.  But by all means please continue the discussion, as we've all had a lot of fun with this thread.  mjbnyr, please email me with your info.  And many thanks to Motorola for providing the shirt.  

I've posted the videos in the Flight Connections before, and I'm sharing them again after the jump.


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