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Patriots Release Adalius Thomas

Something that many expected would happen a long time ago finally happened today. The Patriots released Adalius Thomas

Adalius Thomas finally got what he wanted: his name on a termination paper from the New England Patriots.

The veteran outside linebacker's unhappy tenure in New England is over with the team releasing him today, according to the Boston Globe.

It has been rumored for weeks that the Jets would be interested if/when Adalius was released, so now we have a chance to solidify our linebacking core for 2010.

The former pro bowler clashed with the Patriots several times, including being sent home after arriving late due to a snow storm. He also never seemed to fit within the read and react system of Belichick, and never found the same comfort level as he had once had in a more free flowing role with Rex Ryan.

Of course we now have Jason Taylor to consider, but with Vernon's move to DE, I see a spot available which would enable us to rotate our pass rushers and keep them fresh.

During his last two years with Rex Ryan in Baltimore, AD recorded 20 sacks, 3 interception, 4 forced fumbles and 167 tackles.

So should we bring AD in?