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Don't Expect Alan Faneca Back

I've seen some people hoping the Jets bring back Alan Faneca at a better price the way they brought Brandon Moore back a year ago. I have not spoken to any sources on this, but it doesn't seem very realistic. The two situations are different.

Remember, Moore was actually not the first choice of the Jets. Soon after the free agency period began, the team reached out to Pittsburgh guard Chris Kemoeatu. When Kemoeatu turned down New York's offer and returned to Pittsburgh, the Jets came back to Moore.

This time it seems like the Jets already think they have their replacement. It does not seem like an accident they made this official hours after picking an offensive lineman in the Draft. All signs indicate they feel Vladimir Ducasse is their replacement.

Even if they were interested, Faneca has a better track record than Moore. Moore's play was a relative secret in the league. Faneca has a reputation as one of the game's best linemen. He has a stockpile of honors. He was also a hired gun. Unlike Moore, he was not a homegrown Jets. He spent most of his career in Pittsburgh and cashed in with the Jets. There will be no hometown discount on what will potentially be his last contract.

Alan Faneca's days with the Jets are most likely finished. Don't expect a reconciliation.