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Why the Jets Didn't Go Defensive End

Manish Mehta gives us a scoop on why the Jets did not go after a defensive end.

Rex said "plan all along" was to move Gholston to DE: "That’s why I never felt it was a need to jump up & take a defensive end

I always felt the need at end was overstated. Even so, I'm not sure whether this is a cover or whether the Jets are just trying to talk themselves into Gholston. Gholston is strong and athletic. I think he has a chance to succeed at his new position, but it's far from a sure thing. I keep thinking back to last year when Rex handed Gholston the starting job at linebacker when Calvin Pace was suspended.

I guess the lesson is to get picked in the top ten. Your team will give you an endless number of chances because of the dollars at play.