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Jets Trade Leon Washington to Seattle to Select John Conner

The Joe McKnight pick made it clear the writing was on the wall. The Jets then traded Leon Washington and their seventh round pick to Seattle for a fifth round pick to select John Conner, a fullback from Kentucky.

Conner is considered the best blocking fullback in the Draft. He does not add much as a runner or a receiver, but we have seen firsthand how valuable Tony Richardson has been as a lead blocker. Conner will get to learn from the best mentor he will ever have for a year or two and then will take over. The Jets were going to have to address this position eventually. This was a good time.

Leon's value was low, the team hates his agent, and McKnight left him without a role. They used him to turn a seventh round pick into a fifth round. The seventh round pick was next to worthless anyway. The Jets pick so low, they probably can sign the guy they wanted to use that pick on as a free agent anyway.

That completes this Draft for the Jets unless they turn somebody like Kellen Clemens into a late pick. There seems to be some grumbling, but I think they have had a great Draft. The four guys they picked all seem like they can become positive regular players. They also used picks to land Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards. How many times can you find six contributors in one class? It's a real possibility.