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Jets Move Up to Select Joe McKnight at 112

Mike Tannenbaum could only sit on his hands for so long. The Jets traded their fourth and sixth round selections to Carolina to move up for USC running back Joe McKnight. It was a bit of a surprise. It seemed like a good player was going to fall to New York's fourth round selection. It was also a surprise with guys like Cam Thomas and Ricky Sapp still on the board.

One can only imagine this spells the end of Leon Washington's Jets career. McKnight is a very similar player, a guy with elite speed and athleticism and excellent receiving skills. We know of the acrimony between the Jets and Washington even before the injury. The writing was probably on the wall when Rex Ryan made his comments about not being comfortable giving Washington an expanded role.

McKnight is a lot like Reggie Bush. That is probably why he dropped so far. People remember what a relative disappointment Bush has been as a pro. I'll admit I was a bit surprised, but I think I'm fine with this move. He and Shonn Greene should compliment each other well the next few years. Greene will be the bruiser between the tackles, and McKnight will be the speed threat, a change of pace runner. Brian Schottenheimer will enjoy his versatility. He can also help in the return game.

I really like threats to score from anywhere on the field. McKnight is just that. He'll be a guy defenses must account for on every play. I probably would have preferred standing pat, but Joe was probably the highest rated player the Jets had left on their board by far ala Greene last year. This team doesn't really have a glaring need anywhere.