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Cutting Alan Faneca: Bad Move

The decision to cut Alan Faneca puts something of a damper on the Draft for me. I was very excited to land Kyle Wilson and Vladimir Ducasse. By taking Ducasse in the second round, the Jets added something they have lacked for a long time, offensive line depth. Now that is gone.

Part of the reason I liked taking Ducasse was the insurance he provided. The thing about insurance, though, is you don't want to need to use it. Now he will be pressed into a starting role at left guard. He certainly has potential to be excellent there. Why couldn't the Jets have let him get a year of NFL experience in practice and spelling Faneca before making the move, though? Why take the risk of playing him before he is ready?

What worries me the most, though, is what the Jets are losing. I understand he is in decline, but it's also no accident D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold have played their best football since he arrived in 2008. He may not be a great pass blocker, but he is very valuable in the run game. Ducasse has virtually no experience pulling, which Faneca has made into an art form.

I trust Mike and Rex. If they say Ducasse is ready, I guess I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he will be great. I just do not see the wisdom in dumping the proven commodity at this point. If the Jets are really intent on saving money, cut Vernon Gholston, have adequate depth on the line for one, and groom Ducasse to take the starting role in a year.