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Comparing the Pick of Ducasse to Oher

The Jets get a lot of comparisons to the Baltimore Ravens. It makes sense. Both are physical smash mouth teams with dominant defenses. They both have young franchise quarterbacks. There is the obvious Rex Ryan connection. The selection of Vladimir Ducasse reminds me of a pick Baltimore made last year.

Offensive line was one of the major strengths of the Ravens heading into the 2009 Draft. Despite appearing to be a luxury pick, Ozzie Newsome grabbed Michael Oher in the first round. Then Willie Anderson's knee forced the Ravens to place him on the injured/retired list in May. Oher took over the starting job and was a rock for the Ravens.

We saw back in 2007 how important each player is on the offensive line. The Jets had one of the worst offensive lines in the league that year. A year earlier with four of the same starters, the unit was a strength. Three of the same starters now comprise what is arguably the best offensive line in the game.

The Jets may have just given themselves similar insurance. So much of this team's success is built up front. A team can never have too much depth there.