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Final Jets Mock Draft

Was waiting until the very last moment to get this done like I said I would, and here it is, draft day, everyone is pumped, and everyone is ready for us to get even better. Anyway, here is how I see the Jets draft playing out, if we stick at #29, which as we all know from experience, is unlikely. I Didn't put any trades in at all, but these are some of the players that I would be very happy to have on this team come Sunday. Don't forget that we can pick up a fair few UDFA, and I imagine we will. Also don't forget to join us for our live draft chat tonight, starting at 6:30pm EST, and going through the entire first round.

With The 29th Pick In The NFL Draft, The New York Jets select, Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU


The more I read, the more I come to the conclusion that Odrick is going to be gone here, and so will Graham, long gone. Hughes is a pretty damn nice consolation prize. The Kraken is moving to DE, Taylor is a one year stop gap, let's bring in a guy with talent in bunches with no pressure in year one. He has three good mentors in Thomas, Pace and Taylor, he is electric off the snap. With shutdown corners on both sides of the field, the opposing QB is going to be holding onto the rock a little longer this year. With a combination of Hughes/Taylor and Pace rushing the passer, they won't be able to breath, which in my opinion will result in a lot of 4th quarter turn overs. He loves the game, he loves the Jets defense, and he has a ton to offer, in his first year, but especially when Taylor moves on. I also think that it is likely he is still here, or at least there is a better chance he is here than some others that have been mentioned.

With The 61st Pick In The NFL Draft, The New York Jets select, Perrish Cox, CB, Oklahoma State


A friend of mine today wrote a column about the need for cornerbacks on the Jets roster from this draft, which you can read here. A notion that I completely agree with 100%, the more cornerbacks you have with a stacked defense like this the better your chances of getting past the teams like the Colts and Saints. CB/OLB pass rushers are inter-connected to form success. Good pass rushers don't give receivers time to get open, good cornerbacks make the QB hold onto the ball. Saying that, this selection goes to Perrish Cox, one of the most physical corners in the draft, he hits hard, he plays with swagger, and his coverage skills are decent, remember Strickland coming on a blitz from the nickel, I know we don't want to send corners to blitz that much, but Cox would be great in that role. He is also a good kick returner, and offers special teams play. I was tempted to go with McCourty in round one, would be delighted with that, but Cox offers great value at the end of the 2nd round, he is a late 2nd round pick as well, so this is not hopeful thinking.

With The 124th Pick In The NFL Draft, The New York Jets select, Arthur Jones, DT/DE, Syracuse


I was taking a look at some mock drafts, the draft site has him in the 4th around this selection, CBS has him going in the 5th. This talk seems crazy for a guy that coming into the 2009 season, many thought had first round talent. I think he will be long gone, but strange things happen at draft time, and enough people have him dropping for me to make this selection and not think it is completely beyond the realms of possibility. If that is the case, then let's jump on the opportunity. Injuries completely derailed his 2009 season, and the fact that he couldn't play at the Senior Bowl or perform at the combine have attributed to him dropping. However this is a guy that in 2008 had 51 tackles and 17.5 for a loss, he has excellent prototypical DE size, he has good athleticism and strength. We need some fresh meat on the defensive line, and Arthur Jones gives it to us in bunches, and with great value.

With The 198th Pick In The NFL Draft, The New York Jets Select, Zane Beadles, OG, Utah


I like picking up offensive lineman late in the draft, you can find some real talent here, that just needs to be fitted into a good unit with good coaches. That's how I look at Zane Beadles, the 6'4 312lb prospect from Utah. He has excellent feel, good lateral ability, he has excellent blitz recognition, he needs to work on blocking out in front, and moving on to the next level. He has a good base, good strength, and a willing attitude. Give him to Bill Callahan, give Faneca another year, let Beadles watch one of the best run blockers in the biz, and in one or two years, he could be ready along with Slauson to take this line into the next era. Read a lot about Zane over the last week, and very high on the guy, I think he has a great future ahead of him if he keeps his nose clean, lands in the right environment, and is not asked to do too much too soon. Sounds like the Jets to me.

With The 236th Pick In The NFL Draft, The New York Jets Select, Conte Cuttino, RB, Stony Brook


I don't need to tell you how much I like this guy, you've heard it all before, but his natural talent, his work ethic, and the coaches we have and training facility we have in New York, Conte is going to be a steal. His talent deserves higher round than this, but I'm always looking for a little value, and this is bags of it. LT is here for the short term, still not 100% with Leon, we need to bring in a RB who can do a little bit of everything. Conte is that man, he has excellent vision and patience to work behind a zone blocking scheme, he puts everything he has into the blocking game, and can pass a catch or two as well. Home grown guy living on Long Island, like to bring in these New York guys who went to 'smaller' schools. Conte would be a great addition on the field, in the community and in the locker room. He would be a nice way to round out the draft.