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Defensive End Is Not a Position of Need

One thing that strikes me is the claim I hear a lot that the Jets need to add a defensive end in the Draft. I don't see things that way. The biggest reason is the emergence of Sione Pouha last year. He played an excellent nose tackle in place of Kris Jenkins. He is a starting caliber player. His presence frees up Rex Ryan to play Jenkins at end. Rex played another nose tackle, Haloti Ngata, at end in Baltimore. Jenkins against certain finesse tackles would be a matchup in New York's favor in a big way.

The other reason is the availability of 2009 starter Marques Douglas. I think part of the reason the Jets have let him hang out there is they want to see how the Draft shakes out. They might look to add an end, but if a better opportunity presents itself, they can just resign Douglas.

I've been pretty clear that I am inclined to not want the Jets to take a 3-4 end early. Part of the reason teams run 3-4 defenses is the ability to cheaply pick up starting caliber players at end like the Jets did with Douglas a year ago. That isn't to say I would have a problem with Jared Odrick. I'll never complain about landing a good player or a safe pick, which he is. I just don't see it as a pressing priority.