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In Praise of the Gholston Move to End

We've mentioned the move of Vernon Gholston to defensive end twice here today, but I would like to add my two cents. I'll give the Jets a lot of credit on this. It is certainly outside the box thinking.

It has become pretty clear Gholston cannot provide anything as an edge rusher. You may accuse me of giving up on him too soon. I just think he would have shown a single flash, just one big play, in two years if he was ever going to. I do remember him lining up inside on passing downs and getting a good push. His strength and athleticism will serve him well on the line, even if he does have to put on twenty to thirty pounds to play in the 3-4.

Perhaps he can turn himself into another Jay Ratliff, a guy who presents matchup problems because of his athleticism. If not, the team won't exactly lose out at outside linebacker. This seems like a smart move like moving Kareem Brown to tight end last year. It may not work out, but it at least gives a guy a chance to contribute instead of letting his ability waste away where he has no chance.