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Jets Enter Draft in Ideal Position Thanks to Mike T

If there is one thing that always drives me crazy about the NFL Draft, it is when a team reaches to fill a position of need and costs itself a better player. For teams with Super Bowl ambitions, this can become a necessity. That is why I love the job Mike Tannenbaum has done. The Jets enter tomorrow night needing absolutely nothing.

Before the Antonio Cromartie trade, the Jets might have had to reach for a corner. That is no longer the case. If a Kyle Wilson falls to 29, it would be great, but the Jets will not feel any urgent need for action.

Before the Jason Taylor signing, the Jets could have used another pass rusher. Now there is much less of a need. Sure, if the team loves Jerry Hughes or Brandon Graham, Mike can pull the trigger. A team can never have too many pass rushers. Now if the Jets do, the rookie will not have much pressure. He can learn at his own pace. Hughes or Graham could push Taylor and Bryan Thomas, but any positive production would be a bonus.

A lot of people are opposed to trading up. I understand the desire to grab as many players from one of the deepest Drafts in years. Even so, if there is one guy out there Mike thinks can put the Jets over the top. he does not have to worry about leaving a hole because his team has none.

I am an advocate of filling holes through trades and free agency so a team can build a foundation through the best players in the Draft. So is the general manager of my favorite team.