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Jason Taylor Speaks

The newest Jet, Jason Taylor
The newest Jet, Jason Taylor

Just got done watching the Jason Taylor press conference, with his green subliminal message tie, and his sharp suit, here is what he had to say. Was jotting down as it was going, so this might not be verbatim, but it was pretty much what he had to say

On if he can believe he is a Jet:

I can believe it now, It's been a little... whirlwind for the last 24 hours, settling in. Up here, had a chance to put on some work out clothes and get in the Jets green. 10 years ago would I have imagined it? no, but I'm happy to be right now

On when he first realized it was a real possibility

Well when I came up for the visit, when the Jets had me up to visit, showed me around, showed the interest and the respect and the desire to have me part of the team, it was...obvious that..there was a chance I could come here, and if you look at the situation and your gonna change teams and go play for another team, a new coach, the guys I've talked to around the league and from what I observed from Rex, Mike and Woody in my brief meetings with them, what better place to go for a new chapter, than New York with Rex. He's a guy the players want to play for. Defensively you can't find a better coach in this league and I'm excited to work for him.

If he has talked to any of his new team mates, or old team mates

I talked to some of the old team mates last night. text back and forth and a couple phone calls. The guys are off today, so only ran into a few guys. Sanchez sent me a text this morning of the back page of the post, or whatever one said 'dancing with the devil'. Sent me a picture of that on the text saying welcome to NY.

On what he wants to tell the Jets fans

I'm happy to be here. I know we've had our history over the years, we've had some back and forth, and some games and you know the rivalry was fierce with the Dolphins and Jets, and it still is, this may or may not add to it but, It's always been fun, I've always appreciated the passion that they had and believe it or not had the respect for the fans, and I know we had our back and forth, but, I always enjoyed playing here, playing in the Meadowlands and I enjoyed playing the Jets in Miami also, there was always a ton of Jets fans in the stadium in Miami. As a Dolphin that drove you nuts, but you could always understand the passion they had. So....I'm sure there are some Jets fans who don't want to forgive me right away, and I can understand that, but I'm here to make plays, I'm here to play ball, I'm here to give everything I have, I'm here to help this football team win. I'm here for no other reason besides to win a lot of football games and try to win the Championship. I think somewhere along the way they will see that umm not the devil, I'm a likable guy and hopefully we'll have a good relationship


For the rest of the conference, go to and watch the video