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Jets To Unleash 'The Kraken'

As David pointed out in his flight connections today, ESPN reports that Vernon Gholston has been working with the defensive lineman for weeks. When Rex was asked last night about JT, he talked about a rotation of Pace/Thomas and Taylor, leaving Gholston out. I guess it's easy to forget someone who never shows up on the field, but it's likely that the Jets now see Gholston as a defensive lineman. His problem has been getting off blocks, and a 3-4 needs to engage people, so it seems like a natural move.

What we want to know is if you think this is a good move or not. Does he have the size to sub in for Ellis, can he maintain his blocks to allow his linebackers to go to work, and will his speed help him seal the edge against any run plays heading his way.

The overall question we want answered though, is this Rex Ryan releasing 'The Kraken'?

Clash of the Titans - Release The Kraken (via trailers)