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What We Can Take from the Schedule

I'm sure we'll see plenty of experts try to break down how the schedule will shake out for the Jets. Doing so in April doesn't make a ton of sense, though. The NFL is a year to year league. There are always teams that come out of nowhere in the Playoffs and favored teams that stumble. We also don't know what injuries teams will suffer.  Remember 2008 when it looked like the Dolphins were an easy sweep at the start of the year? It's a lot more difficult to say which games will be easy. There are a few things we can take, though.

  • I'm a little worried about the Week 2 showdown with the Pats. It comes on a short week after what is sure to be an emotional Monday nighter against a physical Ravens team in the opener.
  • The Jets don't get an edge for the second game against the Pats despite playing on Thanksgiving. New England plays in Detroit that day and gets the same ten days of rest.
  • The league is only playing divisional games Week 17. This may contradict everything I just said, but I can say with some degree of certainty the Bills will be an easier out than Miami or New England would be.
  • The Steelers are Week 15 so don't count on a Ben Roethlisberger suspension impacting that game.
  • The bye is Week 7 this year. I like having the bye as late as possible to help the team rest up for the home stretch. It could be better. It could be worse.
  • The Jets are scheduled for five primetime games. They have arrived as one of the most interesting teams in the league.