Final Jets Team Mock Draft

With the roster shaping up, I'd like to give it this one more shot. And I'd like to see what everyones ideas will be. In a few short days we can look and see who got the most right.

My previous picks were:

DE Jared Odrick

CB Patrick Robinson

WR Desmond Briscoe

RB Deji Karim

FS Anthony Levine

OLB Adrian Tracy.

Here are my new selections.

1st round: Mike Iupati G/T, Idaho

2nd round: Perrish Cox CB, Oklahoma State

4th round: Arthur Jones DE, Syracuse

6th round: Kevin Thomas CB, USC

7th round: Darryl Jackson NT, Kean

Oh and 5th rounder Santonio Holmes. So I'm guaranteed one!

My logic behind the picks is this. Iupati may fall to us or close enough to get him. I think the Steelers are interested more in Pouncey. If I had a 1A pick it is Pouncey. I think either one would complement the OL after this season. Also when we have heavy running sets, hopefully it could mean less of Wayne Hunter.

Perrish Cox or another corner is my second choice. It seems we want to be a superbowl team and to do that, there are some pass oriented teams with 3-4 quality wide receivers. New England, Indianapolis, the Saints among them. Also we only have 3 corners and Drew Coleman on our team.

In the 4th, Arthur Jones would be a solid selection. Coming off a knee injury, once fully recovered he could hold the point of attack and injects much needed youth.

6th round, Kevin Thomas. Just a hunch. Decent size and strength and has adequate speed. Could perhaps play a role on special teams and be a backup and could mean we can finally cut Drew Coleman.

7th. Kid out of Kean has great size and the Jets have given him a look. Seems like a good kid from a very small school who can eat up blockers. Could pass through the draft, and hopefully we give him a look.

So what are your mocks looking like?

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