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Jets Reach Agreement With Jason Taylor

So the wait is over, the chips have fallen and Jason Taylor is a Jet.

Agent Gary Wichard tells me Jason Taylor has agreed to join the New York Jets:

I'm very happy about this, it opens up a lot of options for us, it gives us a legitimate pass rusher opposite Pace.

Let's give the guy a clean slate, he is now a Jet, and as far as I'm concerned that's negates everything he has said while playing up to the Miami media.

127.5 sacks is the number that I'm interested in, like I have said time and time again, what he said was garbage generalizations to pull favor with the Miami media and fans, nobody should take it to heart. Booing your own players is ridiculous, regardless of what he said. Were all in for the common goal.

All that anyone should care about is getting to that 2010 Superbowl, and in my personal opinion and you can take it for what you will, Jason Taylor get's us a step closer. I'm sure his jersey will not be a best seller, but once he starts wreaking havoc in the Rex Ryan D, everything else will be forgotten.

He's got an attitude, that's a good thing when you produce, he can put some fire into you, hell maybe he can ignite the Kraken.

Jets and Dolphins on Monday Night Football to start the season was leaked earlier, well it just got a lot more interesting.