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Brandon Graham Has Some Words For Gang Green

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Brandon Graham the highly touted Michigan prospect recently took a tour of the Jets facility, and after doing so he talked with the Post about what he could bring to the Jets, what happened to Vernon Gholston and other snippets:

On Vernon Gholston:

Gholston’s lack of production has been well documented. He’s still seeking his first NFL sack.

"I don’t know what has happened with him. It might be the program he came from," Graham told The Post yesterday — either purposely or inadvertently tweaking Michigan’s rival school. "Right now everyone looks at him as a bust, and I understand that. They’re paying him all this money and he hasn’t done anything."

On what he can bring to the Jets:

I believe if I come in there I’ll be able to jump right in (to the lineup)," Graham said. "(Gholston) has been there long enough and I believe I will pick things up really quickly. I’m someone that’s going to come in and try to perform early and get into the mix. I don’t know much about sitting on the bench."

On David Harris Inspiring him:

"David Harris has inspired me," Graham said. "I’ve played with him. My game is not that far from where his is. That’s a guy that I’m trying to come in and help and who I’d like to help me. I’d love for both of us to be on the same team so I can show him how much I’ve grown."

I've been on the record for a while saying that I think Brandon Graham is a potential beast, and that his bust potential is relatively low. As you can see, he has a chip on his shoulder, he wants to get better, and he has the game to go with it. How far would we need to jump to get him, top 20 possibly, I have seen some rank him as high as 16 to the Titans. He has been a pre draft riser, and because of that he could be out of our reach. However you all know Mike T, and if he and Rex fell in love with Graham while he was here, don't be surprised to see us do everything we can to nab him.