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Jets Crystal Ball: Corey Wootton

A possible selection for the Jets in the second round. Northwestern DE, Corey Wootton.
A possible selection for the Jets in the second round. Northwestern DE, Corey Wootton.

Alright so this one is hardly being flown in from left field, but I really thought we would be talking about this guy for weeks before the draft. In reality we mention him in passing, fling his name in here and there, and then swiftly move on.

If we do go with an OLB pass rusher in the first round, drafting Wootton in the 2nd round is a real possibility, and not only is it a real possibility, but it's a good choice as well.

21 tackles, 6 for a loss and 4 sacks. Not eye popping numbers, but he spent the majority of 2009 recovering from a torn ACL he suffered in 2008 where he enjoyed a 10 sack season.

Wootton has excellent length, good lateral quickness and enough strength to hold his own. He may need to bulk up a little if he wants to play a 3-4 DE, but he holds up well, rarely gets pushed out the play, and can generate a little pass rush as well. I know people like to say that's not a 3-4's job, but if he can hold his own, and push back, decreasing the size of the pocket. Defensive coaches are going to take that.

Wootton seems to have a good understanding of the game, and what his role is and how he needs to go about doing it. When I saw Wootton last year he always seemed to know where the ball was going, he knew where to place himself to funnel plays back towards his teams inside strength.

He has an excellent work ethic, a high character guy who was voted team captain, and I think bringing in some good characters in this draft is a must, we have added issues, we don't need to add more immature issues.

He is an option that we may be looking at.