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Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #21

The Bengals stunned the football world by winning the AFC North, sweeping their three division rivals. Their season ended on a bitter note, getting more or less dominated by our Jets in back to back weeks. GGN'er nationalist88 picks for them.

With the twenty-first pick in the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, nationalist88 picks for the Cincinnati Bengals...

C.J. Spiller

My thoughts:

Nationalist is clearly a man of few words. I tend to think this is a good pick. I don't see too many glaring needs the Bengals have. Safety is something the team could address, but Eric Berry and Earl Thomas are gone. Taylor Mays is still here, but part of the problem the Bengals had was how suspect Roy Williams was in coverage. Mays is equally suspect. Jermaine Gresham is of interest as the tight end situation could also be improved, but I think the Bengals could see what a 2009 draftee, Chase Coffman, has to offer. I think Spiller would help them a lot. Cincy built its offensive success on the run last year. The Clemson product, a homerun hitting speed threat, would be an excellent compliment to Cedric Benson's power. He would also work as a good safety valve out of the backfield for Carson Palmer, which might mean less forced throws to Chad Johnson. Spiller's a good enough receiver to work the slot. Adding Spiller and Antonio Bryant would mean a more diversified passing game.

That's what I think. Now you are the judge. Was this the right pick?