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Jets Crystal Ball: Dekoda Watson

Dekoda Watson, a more all around linebacker.
Dekoda Watson, a more all around linebacker.

Everyday this week, I'm going to post a player that were not talking about, that I believe the Jets could be interested in. So you won't see any Jared Odricks, Worilds, Hughes or Sapps here.

I have mentioned him before, and placed him in my first mock draft a couple of months ago. Well over the last two months, a lot of 3-4 teams have shown interest in him, including the Ravens and Patriots. The Jets? not even a whisper. At least not that I have heard about. So that's why I think he is a possibility.

The Knock on Watson is his size, and some injury concerns, which is why he is a 3rd or 4th round prospect, but what can't be argued is his ferocious play on the field, and his natural athletic ability. He has been compared to former undersized Seminole players like Derrick Brooks and Ernie Sims. If you are as sculpted as Watson is, size is not as much an issue. Like the Bucs realised when they took Brooks in the late first round.

65 tackles, 13 for a loss and 6 sacks as a Senior in 2009. Watson is an effective pass rusher, but he is so much more as well. He has excellent intangibles and when asked to drop back into coverage, he was very smooth in the back-peddle

A completely under-rated prospect, he has excellent timing, good recognition, drops back into coverage well and rushes the passer effectively. He is a sure tackler, and gives it everything in run support, as well as being a willing special teams player.

I have got a lot of time for players like Watson, but not many people are connecting him with the Jets, that's one reason why I am.