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JT's Decision Coming Post Draft?!?

So Steve Wyche had an interesting blurb today regarding the JT situation:

Intrigue abounds in the Taylor story. Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum said Thursday that he hadn’t given Taylor a specific deadline to decide on the team’s offer, but he expected an answer before next week’s draft. Wyche spoke with Taylor’s agent, Gary Wichard, who indicated he will speak with the veteran linebacker when he returns from Costa Rica early next week and a decision most likely will be made after the draft. Given that the Dolphins have said they won’t address Taylor’s situation until after the draft, it might be that Taylor is waiting to see the team’s stance.

You all know that I have been in favor of this move from the start, but if JT comes back to Mike T on Monday, and says I'm going to wait until after the draft, I would have only one thing to say to him "You may wait until after the draft, but the Jets offer won't be there". If I'm Mike T, I'm swiping that offer straight off the table if he wants to wait post draft. We don't need ???'s going into the NFL draft, we need a clear depth chart that clearly indicates need/value. Waiting on JT might not effect the need all that much, because it is after all just a two year deal, but it definitely effects value, and where we should be targeting the talent at the pass rushing positions.

This is not 100%, and we don't need to go back over all the details of why he should be here, why people don't want him, we have done that a 100 times already, but with your business caps on, and your draft jerseys, there really is only one question left.........