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Jets Flight Connections 04-17-10


Mike Lupica proclaims Gang Green the new Giants of the NFL.

Make plans to walk with the Jets to help find a cure for lupus.

The Hartford Informer thinks the Jets' locker room will implode.

Fox analyst Jimmy Johnson believes the Jets are the team to beat in the AFC East.

QB Mark Sanchez says that if WR Santonio Holmes is open, the football will get there.

Don't forget to check out our interview with LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson.  And if you already have, leave a comment or two.  Geez.

FS Brodney Pool talks about his new team - how he rooted for WR Braylon Edwards in the playoffs, his forceout of TE Chris Baker in '06, going from Browns DC Rob Ryan to Jets HC Rex Ryan, and more.

Here again is the Jets Nation interview with Brodney, which David Wyatt shared last week.

Jets Nation also interviewed CB Antonio Cromartie.


More connections after the jump.


GM Mike Tannenbaum expects to hear from LB Jason Taylor next week.

Miami passed up their chance to talk to JT.

Apparently, CB Darrelle Revis sent C Nick Mangold on a wild wiffleball goose chase.  These fellow Pro Bowlers are always going at it on Twitter, along with TE Dustin Keller.

Once again, here are Erik Manassy's tips on communicating with Jets players.

Fill out this form for a chance to win an autographed football straight from Revis Island.

If you drive by the old stadium, you might be able to see your old seat from the highway.

Team photographer Al Pereira shows off his pics from last year's camp.

OnceYoureAJet lists the first round talent on the current roster.

Judy Battista think this year's big trades are a one-year thing.

She also writes about the draft's new three-day format.

The 2010 NFL Draft starts on a Thursday night.

The Fifth Down writes about how to look at draft prospects on film. looks at the running backs in the draft.

Jane McManus takes a look at DT Jared Odrick.