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Jason Taylor Should Decide Before Draft

Mike Tannenbaum anticipates a decision from free agent Jason Taylor before the Draft in this free agency never ending story.

All along, it was thought a decision by Taylor would take place by this week, at the earliest. The Dolphins have maintained they won’t consider signing Taylor until after next week’s draft.

The timing of that stance could be pushing Taylor toward the Jets. Tannenbaum told reporters huddled for a pre-draft news conference Thursday that he expects to have the Taylor situation resolved "one way or the other" before the draft, but he didn’t specifically give Taylor a deadline.

"I’m not a big deadline person, although when I proposed, I [told] him I needed an answer pretty quick," Tannenbaum said, jokingly.

As irritating as this pursuit has been, the Jets really don't need a decision until the Draft to solidify their strategy. If Taylor can't decide after over two weeks of consideration, it's obvious he doesn't want to be on the team.