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SBN Mock Draft Pick #61

I stepped to the plate for the second round of the SB Nation mock draft. My pick was Ole Miss playmaker Dexter McCluster. Why? Things are getting ugly between Leon Washington and the Jets. There is a lot of distrust between the two sides, and Rex Ryan is even making public statements he doesn't feel comfortable giving Leon a big role.

This pick would make his exit a whole lot quicker. McCluster would replace him, and there is no back in the Draft who comes closer to resembling Leon. I watched a lot of Ole Miss (probably more than I should have) last year, and this guy just impressed me game after game. He's the definition of a playmaker. He's very fast and has a wide receiver skill set to add to the passing game. He's a better receiver than Leon. Brian Schottenheimer could split him out wide. He also has experience playing Wildcat quarterback.

His frame is really small in the 170ish pound range, but his game isn't about breaking tackles. It's about beating guys with his considerable speed. He's also terrific making people miss in the space. The guy is a gamebreaker, probably second to C.J. Spiller in this Draft.

This is an anti Combine guy. He doesn't look imposing from his body type, but put him in pads between the lines, and you have one heck of a football player.