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Brandon Marshall To Be Traded to Miami

First Dansby, now Marshall.

In the wake of all the big moves the Jets have made, the 'Phins are also trying to shake things up in the East with some big-name acquisitions.

A lot of us feared this was to happen after we heard Miami was shopping around WR Teddy Ginn yesterday.

This news came in from ESPN's Adam Schefter, who confirmed it with this Tweet:

Filed to ESPN: Brandon Marshall is going to be traded to the Miami Dolphins for a second-round pick this year and another pick next year.

It is rumored to be for a second-round pick in both 2010 and 2011, according to league sources in an article (here), but this is not confirmed yet.

The question is: 'Will Parcells be able to keep him in line?'

On ESPN's 'Mike and Mike in the Morning,' Schefter said he still believed WR Ted Ginn would be moved.

Marshall is reportedly flying to Miami for a physical. If he passes, he will indeed, be a Dolphin.

How fun will Revis vs Marshall be to watch? Could this be the deciding factor to have the Jets host Miami in the MNF opener?